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Spawn of Cecil


Wierd shit from wierd people

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Spawn of Cecil On-Line.

The SOC was originally run in the spring of 1993, and consisted mostly of reprinting of works from the Valley Speed Queen and a shitty little literary magazine from my high school called Echoes in the Mind. My cohort in crime back in '93 was the beautiful and talented Ms. Mariah Holmberg who hailed from Grand Forks, North Dakota. Between the two of us we felt we had enough strange poems, articles, and drawings to fill eight pages of a Kinko's copied 'zine.

Unfortunately the prohibitive costs of printing limited our original and only run to about 20 copies (we were college freshman, so 10 bucks was big money). But now this new fangled World Wide Web allows me to ressurect what I thought was a pretty entertaining piece of journalism. So I invite you to check back often as there will always be new wierdness to expose you too.

What is the Spawn of Cecil
Well back in the eighties a doctor named Cecil Robinson was impregnating his female fertility patients with his own semen. It was exposed in the early ninties, when it became apparent that a lot of Junior high student in the small Ohio town look practically Identical (not to mention the fact that they were dating each other). Cecil got busted and we were left with one of the greatest acts of strangeness the 20th century has seen.
Plus Spawn of Cecil just sounds cool.

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